Course Description

2008 National CFI of the Year

Max Trescott

Hi folks, it's me Max Trescott. Nice to have you here! I've been flying for over 40 years, and for the last ten years have specialized in teaching people how to fly glass cockpit aircraft. Somehow, I ended up becoming the 2008 National CFI of the Year, representing the 96,000 CFIs in the U.S. Perhaps because nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching others to fly well! I hope your goal in flying is Mastery of your aircraft. It really pays to be an expert in things that can kill you! Here are some ways you can benefit from my over 40 years of experience. In addition to taking one of these courses, consider:Buying my G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook. Keep it in the cockpit, and use the index to quickly find any detail about the G1000.Listen to the podcast.Listen to my new podcast.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Operate the Courses

    • Using the Video Player Controls

    • Your Account (Password, Billing)

    • Support

  • 2


    • IFR Other Resources

    • IFR Objectives & Outcomes

    • IFR Course Outline

  • 3


    • IFR Required Equipment

  • 4

    Instrument Scan in TAA

    • IFR Instrument Scan in TAA

  • 5

    IFR as a Process

    • IFR Processes Overview

    • Downloadable IFR Processes Chart - Max Trescott

    • Pre-Departure Process

    • IFR Run-up Process

    • IFR Climb, Cruise, & Enroute Process

    • IFR Arrival Process

    • IFR Missed Approach Process & Summary

  • 6

    Loading Departures & Takeoff Alternates

    • IFR Loading Departure Procedures

    • IFR Loading Takeoff Alternates

  • 7

    Enroute & Arrival

    • IFR Enroute Briefing the Approach

    • IFR Arrival Procedures

  • 8

    Flying Approaches

    • IFR Flying Approaches GPS vs Non-GPS

    • IFR CDI Sensitivity, Timers, Nav vs Vectors

  • 9

    Loading Approaches

    • IFR Loading Approaches

    • IFR Removing Instrument Approaches

    • IFR Acronym for Glass Cockpit

  • 10

    Flying VOR Approach with Vectors

    • KOJC VOR 36 Approach Chart

    • IFR Tips for Non-Precision Approaches

    • IFR Flying KOJC VOR 36 Approach with Vectors

  • 11

    Flying the Missed Approach

    • IFR Flying the Missed Approach

  • 12

    Flying ILS Approaches

    • IFR ILS Approaches & CDI Autocapture

    • KIDP ILS 35

    • IFR Flying an ILS approach with own navigation

  • 13

    Flying GPS Approaches

    • IFR Checking RAIM

    • IFR Flying GPS Approaches

    • KBEC GPS-B Approach Chart

    • Flying the KBEC GPS-B Approach with Procedure Turn

    • IFR Summary Approaches and Missed Approaches

  • 14

    Use of OBS Mode

    • IFR Use of OBS Mode

  • 15


    • KERV LOC 30 Approach Chart

    • IFR Holding

  • 16

    Flying a DME Arc

    • IFR DME Arc