Don’t get stuck in the clouds wondering which button to push!

Glass cockpits offer many benefits to pilots, including safety and improved situational awareness....But only to pilots who are well trained to operate these systems! Regardless of what aircraft you fly, your goal should be mastery of the aircraft. Whether you are a GPS expert or beginner, there is lots to know about flying the Garmin G1000 and Cirrus Perspective glass cockpits.

Unlike traditional round-gauge aircraft, many pilots who fly glass cockpit aircraft find that it helps to spend time between flights reviewing how to operate the systems, by using books or computer courses. These new online versions of our award winning CD-ROM courses help you build your proficiency at home, so that you'll fly with greater confidence and increased safety. The courses are updated version of our original online courses, and they now include detailed information on the Garmin integrated autopilot as well as the original KAP 140 autopilot. Together, the Garmin G1000 VFR and IFR (non-WAAS) courses include more than six hours of training.

We also have a separate course for learning WAAS and GPS for Garmin GNS 430W, 530W, 480, G1000 and G900X, and Cirrus Perspective glass cockpits. This course teaches you how to fly these approaches step-by-step, taught by two Master CFIs who will explain how to avoid the "gotchas" that can trick even experienced GPS pilots. Not only will you learn the differences of how to fly to LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV, and LNAV+V minimums on RNAV approaches, you'll also learn about the design of these approaches, so that you know exactly how many feet of obstacle clearance you'll have at every step of he approach.

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